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Cultivating Zen Dogs

an elderly labradoodle at small group daycare and a neurotic collie mix behind her having the time of their lives and living their best lives
What is Small-Group Daycare and Why Do I Want It?


We all know it is difficult to maintain ALL of the rules, boundaries and expectations we talk about in training. Even when we know cognitively that our dogs crave and thrive on this type of structure and we love our dogs, we all have busy lives. Honestly, I don’t even do all the things with my personal dogs all the time. And at the end of the day, we just want to enjoy our lives with our dogs. 


This is the whole mission behind 16 Paws! 

a boxer mix and a great dane puppy demonstrating their manners and how well trained they are at small group daycare

Our daycare program is one of the best things about 16 Paws, because while your dogs are here, I do most of the heavy lifting for you! Through our daycare program, we’re essentially combining the benefits of a board and train and pack life mentality into a program that allows you to enjoy your dog at the end of each day. We believe that, in almost all cases, there is no need or benefit to saying goodbye to your best friend for precious weeks at a time.

Dogs make the best dog trainers and so, when your dog is with our pack of dogs, rules, boundaries and expectations become their mantra. The dogs feed off each other and quickly come to love to follow them together. It is really a wondrous thing to watch. My clients report that when their dogs come home at the end of the day, they’re relaxed and already in the pack mentality and ready to work together with you to have a life you’ll both love. 

Are you ready to love life with your own zen dog? Contact us today!

two great danes and a labradooodle snuggling on a daybed after a long day of school for dogs
Sound like the place for your dog? Message me today and we'll schedule a meet and greet :)

That being said, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giant breeds and big dogs!! However, many types and breeds of dogs are welcome.

We will discuss your situation and specific needs at or before the meet and greet. I will provide a "guidelines and expectations" document before your first visit so that we are all on the same page.

I will always keep you updated as to what we are working on at school, to give you the option to be consistent and practice at home, and also offer you tips and tricks to achieve the zen dog of your dreams.

A doggy birthday party! Visit us on Instagram for more examples of the fun we have at school!
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