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16 Paws
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At the end of the day, we all just want to enjoy life with our dogs and this is the whole mission behind 16 Paws!! 

We offer a couple of different and unique programs depending on your specific needs. We also offer add-ons like nail trims and puppy selection. Read on to find out more!


School for Dogs

So you've got the basics of training down, or you've already been to training with another trainer, but you're having trouble keeping up with all the rules, boundaries and expectations you learned during training? Then our daycare program is for you!

We'll start with an intake session, which takes about 30 minutes. In this session, I'll get to know you, your dog and your goals. Then we'll do a quick training refresher and go over the things we work on in daycare. Finally, we'll go over guidelines and expectations so that we're all 100% on the same page. 

Each day I'll send pictures and provide you with insights into your dog's personality and answer any questions you may have!

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Intake for Daycare

$75/one time




Training Program

School for their Humans

So you're just not sure what is going on with your dog or why they're doing what they're doing? Perhaps you've been to other traditional trainers and didn't get much out of it. You don't want perfect obedience, you just want to enjoy life with your dog. Perhaps you are even feeling at your wits end. Then our training program was developed just for you.

We'll start with a behavioral evaluation where I'll run through a few tests to determine what is going on with your individual pup and where there may be some gaps in communication. Then based on what I learn in the evaluation, we'll decide whether daycare or individual training is the best route for you and your pup. 

Read on to find out more!


Behavioral Evaluation

$50/one time


1 to 1 Training Session


Unlike traditional dog trainers, I view my job as giving you the information, tools and tricks you need to have the best possible life with your canine companion. I use these sessions to help you deepen your relationship with your dog and develop mutual respect and understanding between the two of you. If, based on our behavioral evaluation, we decide individual sessions are the best route then that is what you can expect from me.

Is this more expensive than traditional training? Per session, perhaps, but it's important to note that a traditional trainer is going to charge you for many sessions. Since my goal, as a behaviorist, is to help you understand your individual dog and its needs based on your lifestyle and goals,  we rarely need more than one or two sessions.

I truly believe you can have the canine companion of your dreams. Here's to our journey together! I can't wait to work with you and help you cultivate your own Zen dog!

Other Services


Nail Trim

$25/session (situation dependent)


Puppy Selection


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